"A walk in nature, walks the soul back home" Mary Davis This morning, as me and George tromped across the fields on our morning walk, I could feel and see the subtle shift in the seasons.  The smell of damp earth, the misty sky as the sun broke through, the vivid colours in the trees, [...]

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Back to basics – Meditation and life

In walking, just walk, in sitting, just sit. Above all don't wobble Yun-Men Balance The simple beauty of those words, just walk, just sit.  Just saying them can bring a sense of peace, a relief almost. Several times a year I attend a sesshin, a day of intensive meditation and most importantly, a day of silence, [...]

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Turn up the love

I make no excuses, unashamedly I write an awful lot about the heart in this blog.  My mindfulness and meditation journey seems to be taking me more and more into this area, into the heart centre. Compassion seems too light a word for it, it is like tapping into our very being, our very essence, [...]

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