Uncover again the joy of living

You are coping, muddling through, but have that sense that there is something more to all of this. Life seems to go by so fast that you often find yourself saying “gosh I can’t believe we are already this far through the year”.  You struggle to find downtime and peace and stillness are just mystical and magical words, never to be experienced.

If this is you, you are not alone, more and more of us are living chaotic, fast and busy lives.  Often we spend days on autopilot, just getting each day done and moving to the next.  If we are lucky we avoid burn out but for the majority of us, burn out seems to be knocking on the door.

My workshops, courses and day retreats are designed to get you back in touch with life again.  To find some solid ground, to feel again that sense of your inner child, full of happiness, contentment and hope.  This is not a case of mind of over matter, but an exploration and discovery of what it is to live a mindful, happy and contented life.

Training, qualifications and experience

  • Level 5 Diploma in performance coaching and NLP. 538 hour programme of study accredited by the National council of Psychotherapists
  • Full member of the National council of Psychotherapists (Roger Hunt MNCP), adhering to professional standards for a safe and ethical practice.
  • undertaken a 12 month train to teach pathway with Mindfulness CIC and committed to ongoing supervision and support as detailed in the UKs good practice guidelines for mindfulness teachers.
  • Member of Mindfulness CIC teacher training network
  • 1-2-1 coaching, group workshops, face to face and online.
  • CPD accredited mental health first responder training
  • Level 3 NVQ in advice and guidance
  • 10 years work experience as an employment advisor for private and public sector
  • I have my own daily practice of mindfulness and meditation and reflective journal
  • Full professional indemnity insurance

Accreditation and Certification