“One of the secrets to inner peace is the practice of compassion”

Dalai Lama


There are many threads that run through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, all as rich and as colourful as each other.  Over the years, one has stood out more than any other for me and that is compassion.

I often struggle to find the right words. In truth, words cannot adequately describe this most wonderful and transformational facet of the practice.

Compassion is the sentinel, always there, watching over you.  Even when you feel that compassion has gone away or is distant, it is always there waiting for you.

Compassion is strength and stability. When the sea is rough, compassion is the keel on the boat, reaching down deep below the surface to the calm waters underneath.

Compassion can be your best friend.

Awakening Compassion

Compassion is found right here, right here in this very moment.  Be curious, What is the true reality of this present moment right now? What judgements are you placing on it, good or bad, indifferent, bored, fed up?  Can you just feel it, was does it feel like in the body?.  If you get lost in a thought, do you berate yourself or or do you just gently come back to the present moment? there is no right or wrong here, just a curious inquiry.

This curious Inquiry into the present moment can be the key that starts to unlock compassion, so that it can start to hold you safely in those tough times,  and be your cheerleader in the good times.

At times we can loose sight of this,  it is only natural. For generations us humans have been taught to run away from these things, taught that compassion is weak.  As we start to layer on judgements, thoughts and ruminations, compassion for ourselves can seem so very far away, but do not be disheartened, it is waiting for you and always will be. So…

Pause for a moment

Feel your feet rooted to this earth.  Be aware of your breath, beautiful life giving breath and under your breath or out loud (if you can) repeat this affirmation


May I be well

May I be happy

May I be free from suffering and harm. 


Be aware of your judgements, whatever they may be, oh this seems silly, or this will not work etc. Try and park them for a moment. Trust in the words, let them sink deep into your heart and repeat….


May I be well

May I be happy

May I be free from suffering and harm


Repeat as much as you want, whenever you want and feel the warmth and compassion it brings.

It starts with ourselves but the ripples flow outwards.

From my heart I wish you well.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime.