From the heart

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see and knows what the mind cannot understand”

Robert Valett

It is a strange term “From the heart”.  I make no excuses, I use it quite a lot, well I do now I didn’t used to.  There was a time for me when it felt wrong to listen to and talk “from the heart”,  it wasn’t a masculine thing to do. Although my heart was screaming out for attention, my response would be to lock it up, bottle it up and cover it up.  For years I would only listen to and talk from my head and my mind but I was missing a trick.

As I sit here, I breath, slowly close my eyes, take a long slow breath out and drop my attention to my heart.  There is a feeling of compassion here, a huge well of kindness a limitless resource, it is authentic not manufactured and very real.

When I am feeling a bit crap or my mind wants to tell me I’m useless,   I do this, I just drop into the heart.  When I’m stuck with a project or have a so-called dilemma, I drop into the heart, it is amazing what answers come up when you stop thinking in your head.  It is a resource we rarely think to tap into.

Just sometimes there is also a feeling of sadness when I drop into the heart, but I just experience it without reaction, I’m not covering it up like before, my mind wants to grasp for an answer or a solution to make it go away, but my heart knows it has to be experienced. It gently comes and gently goes.

My heart also knew that first and foremost I had to be kind to myself, this took a little bit of getting used to.  I had for years been unkind to myself, beating myself up and general berating myself.  I knew this had to stop if I was to succeed on this quest to uncover joy and happiness.  I couldn’t be genuinely kind and compassionate to anyone else, until I was kind and compassionate to myself.

 It took courage to look in the mirror and say “you know what mate, your ok, you’re doing ok, be well and happy lovely man”, I say it to myself most days now. I say it to myself, as I would say it to my closest friend and genuinely mean it “from the heart”.  It brings me closer to uncovering that joy and happiness of life that is always there, but hidden away sometimes.

I have come to learn on this journey that kindness and compassion are not signs of weakness.  A genuine compassion “from the heart” is so strong and powerful.  We live in a time when the power of compassion and kindness are so badly needed, for those around us but most importantly ourselves. It starts with you.

Be well and be happy.

Author: Roger

In 2015 I set out on a mission to uncover a life of happiness and contentment. Little did I know then that for years, I had been looking for it in all the wrong places. My Blog, The Mind Shed, tells the true story of this mission, a mission that will last a life time but involves going nowhere, just right here in this moment, the only moment we have. inspiration for a happy life

5 thoughts on “From the heart”

  1. It does indeed start with us, as all things do. I find that I am constantly confronted with aggressive people who have no love for anyone or anything, least of all themselves. How very sad. Appreciate you, love you, know you in all of its entirety; it’s something we all need to learn to do each day.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Thank you Mandy. I felt compelled to write about this subject today, there does seem to be a lack of genuine kindness and compassion in society today, it has to start from within. Small ripples moving outward but its why I write this blog…. appreciate your words, thank you.
      May you be well and happy.

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