Keep it simple

In an often chaotic and stressful world this instruction sounds far too easy, not complicated enough. So much so that we ignore it and look for something with more instruction, more complication.

Often we do more and more, we do things because we feel we have to or need to, sometimes its just a habit.

What if doing less was the answer.   Even now I find it hard to write this, society tells us we need to do more and more, to accomplish more and more. We are told that to do less is giving up or not being motivated enough.

If we are tired or frustrated or feel stuck, our actions can be a reflection of that. The more we do, the deeper we get stuck. Like revving the engine harder and harder as the wheels dig deeper into the mud.

Often, when I feel I need to do more, the opposite is true, I need to do much less.

To simply sit
To simply breathe
To simply see the true nature of what is in front of us and within us
To simply be aware
To simply return home to the here and now

From this place, a different more considered course of action may appear.

All our journeys are different, we each have to find our own way but just maybe“Keep it simple” is all we need, right here, right now to provide an anchor, to give us some traction and a route back home to our true authentic self.

I wish you a wonderful 2019. Please keep in touch, I love to hear from you. 

With Kindness and love