I would not be on this journey if it wasn’t for some amazing people and teachers.  If you are new to Mindfulness, I strongly recommend you find a good teacher who can show you the way.

I have put together below some resources for you in case you need any help at all.

An amazing organization, led by experienced teacher Suryacitta, offering a variety of different courses and retreats. Suryacitta has also written two fantastic books on the subject, they are never far from my side, well written, they relate to everyday life in an easy to understand manner.  Well worth a read, Happiness and how it happens and Mindfulness and Compassion, both available on amazon or click the link above for more information.

An organisation to promote happiness for all, a great resource, lots of useful information on this site.

Where it all started for me, Melli O’Brien, founder of the mindfulness summit and author of a super blog, she also runs classes and retreats in Australia.

A great resource for all things mindful, helping to raise the awareness of mindfulness and to spread the word.

A campaign to raise the awareness of meditation and mindfulness by the Mental Health Foundation UK

A growing movement of people helping to change the way we think about Mental health in the UK.

The international centre of excellence for mindfulness, based within Oxford University.

The website that accompanies the book by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, Finding peace in a frantic world.  Well worth a read if you haven’t already done so.

Get peace of mind, a great resource for all things peaceful