Simple contentment in a complex world

“I exist as I am, that is enough, If no other in the world be aware, I sit content and if each and all be aware, I sit content”

Walt Whitman

Okay, I am going to keep this simple, no easy task, we humans love to make things complex.  Anyway, just give this a go if you are in a position to do so…

  1. Just pause for a moment and notice your breath
  2. Take a slow breath in through your nose
  3. Feel the cool air at the tip of your nostrils
  4. Breathe in deep, feeling your belly rise, pay attention to the moment when you can’t breathe in anymore, it could be just a millisecond, then feel the breath return out through the nostrils, the warm air going out.
  5. Just repeat this a couple of times, try to stay focused on the breath, if thoughts start to intrude, just gently come back to the breath and repeat the steps above.

It is a simple breathing meditation exercise I do maybe 4 or 5 times a day. People don’t even notice I am doing it (it is just breathing after all) but it is a great grounding exercise if your lost in thought or if the mind is chattering too much.

I have come to realize over the last few years of practicing living a mindful life, happiness and contentment is the very opposite of complex. In fact they are usually found in the simple things in life, yet they seem to be so elusive, simply because we love to make things complex.

Simply just pausing

Simply just breathing

Simply just drinking a cup of coffee (sorry you know me, I love coffee)

Simply noticing nature

Simply listening

Things we can do every single day, we don’t need to sit crossed legged on the top of a mountain for 10 years to experience it,  just simple great antidotes to the complex and frantic world we live in.

Simple stuff, but its good to have a reminder every now and again, to simply just be. I know I do and if you do, well, I hope this has helped.

Be well and have a great week.

From Roger.





Author: Roger

In 2015 I set out on a mission to uncover a life of happiness and contentment. Little did I know then that for years, I had been looking for it in all the wrong places. My Blog, The Mind Shed, tells the true story of this mission, a mission that will last a life time but involves going nowhere, just right here in this moment, the only moment we have. inspiration for a happy life

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