Relighting the fires of wonder and curiosity for life

I have a distinct memory from my childhood.  Behind my Grandparents bungalow, was the most amazing rock formation.  There was a network of little grassy paths all through the rock formation and next to it an old wood, full of gnarled old trees, with knots in the bark that looked like faces.   We often played up there as kids. I had lots of fun, conjuring up little imaginary adventures and scenarios, but most of all was the sense of wonder and curiosity the place gave me as a child.

I stopped going up into the rocks and woods when I got older. That sense of wonder and adventure ebbed away as my mind developed and I started to become an adult.

My Grandparents have long since gone and the bungalow sold, but part of me wishes I could go back there now.  After many years, I feel that sense of wonder and adventure has returned. Slightly different from when I was a child, but quite similar.

I am sure I am not on my own with this, but as I grew up and became an adult, I successfully covered up this sense of wonder and curiosity or life, with layers of guilt, responsibility and fear (to name a few).  I closed my heart down to just functioning, just trying to get through it all.

Thankfully, those layers are now starting to be peeled away. Slowly, not forced, no goals in sight just a beautiful by-product of daily meditation and mindfulness.

Simple Rewards

The rewards show themselves in surprising ways. The  simple wonder of a seeing a flower open in the garden, the curiosity and excitement of trying something new.  I am listening to a beautiful piece of music whilst I write this, I can hear every instrument, every note and all the pauses. Simple signs, but it is that spark of childlike wonder and curiosity for life again.

Unlocking that childlike sense of wonder

So how to unlock this sense of wonder? My advice would be to not over think it. Just sit, just meditate consistently.  Don’t look for change, it will find you.  Small steps each day and may that wonder for life fill your heart.

Speaking of childlike wonder, my favorite author as I grew up was Roald Dahl and my favorite book was and still is …..

 Charlie and the Chocolate factory. I think I shall read it again. Although not from this book, I will leave you with a little quote from this amazing author…

” Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places”

Roald Dahl